Rooted Construction is an American construction management company based in NYC. Rooted is a collaboration of builders, designers, and tradespeople who share a love of old world building with new age project management. The company’s team is intent on building each project specifically for it's maximum end use. Rooted focuses on the lifestyle needs of their clients by balancing the desire to achieve high design while maintaining affordability. As construction managers directly performing and managing the work, Rooted delivers transparency to their clients.

Aaron Lenza, Principal

Aaron is a second-generation builder in New York City. He pursued his passion for building at New York University where he obtained a Masters of Science in Construction Management. During his time at NYU, he was a finalist in the first annual HUD Innovation in Affordable Housing Student Design and Planning Competition in Washington, DC.

Aaron treats building not only as a business, but also as a lifestyle. He sees the job site as a setting for creativity, learning, laughter, and accomplishment. Aaron is inspired by the process of transforming conceptual thoughts into objects, no matter what the size. He also enjoys the unforeseeable challenges he faces everyday that are particular to the building industry.

Rooted Construction Corporation
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tel: 718-306-4806